God initiates the outreach process by . . .
assuring people of the reality of His love
so people can feel and experience for themselves
answering their doubts
so people can know and believe
awakening their faith
so people hear and respond as "faith comes by hearing"
authenticating His message of reconciliation
so people see and become accountable
First guest: $80 US per night.  Each additional adult in the same room is $20 per night each, and $10 per each child, including the NLL children). There is a family suite which sleeps 7 people easily. The suite cost is $150 per night It is the best deal for large families.
.Breakfast is $8 per person
Lunch is $7 per person
Dinner is $15 per person
Adoptive families need to keep in mind that their children ought to eat at the NLL Center.However,if they choose for their children to eat with them at BETHEL, then: Children age 5 and under EAT FREE; Children age 6 and up pay the FULL COST for their meals as stated above.
(For more information, please, visit us at  www.bethelguesthouse.org )
p.s     Please, keep in mind that 51% of ALL of our profits goes right to support our different ministries for the the advancement of our Lord's kingdom)
 There is a FLAT FEE of $100 per person from age 13 and up. Children age age 0-12 ride FREE.
 This flat fee covers pick up from and drop off to airport, going to Courts, U.S. Embassy, IBESR, Church on Sunday, the Haiti Baptist Mission, or the Boutilier Overlook for sight seeing and shopping.It does matter how many necessary trips made for the adoption process,it stills cost the flat fee of $100 per adult.

PLease contact me for special pricing on group bookings.